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You can t find the Hopewell Moose Lodge??? Try putting in 905 Cousins Ave, Hopewell, VA 23860 and we are right around the bend.
Trivia Night At The Lodge
You and your team could be on their way to winning a few dollars ($50 first place and $25 second) at Trivia night.  Meeting twice a month on Thursdays at 7:00 Dawn Ozmore leads her team to try to stump participants.  Most months we meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday but check the calendar to make sure as holidays can impact that. Sometimes Dawn likes to play and hands the lead over to Julie Andrews or Darrell Johnson. 

There's no cost to play and there's lounge food available as well as drinks.  Where else can you play a mental game while enjoying your favorite beverage?  Even if you don't win you're guaranteed a great time.  If you're alone we'll find a team for you to join and otherwise there's no limit on the number of participants. Come early, grab your table and order up some delicious food and refreshing drinks! Cash prizes, gift give-aways and moosebucks are waiting for you! 
No team? No problem! We have plenty of people you can share a table with! Just come out and have FUN. There is no cost to play, and all materials are provided.  

Lee Dixon
Myrtle Casey Senior Luncheon”

NNEXT: 15 Sep
TIME: Noon
The Senior Luncheon on 18 Aug was a hit
serving an open face turckey sandwich with
all the fixins. Every seat was filled. There
were 58 Members in attendance and the
winner of the Moose Bucks for this month was
Libbie Dragoo. Make your plans to attend next
month on 15 Sep for a great time.


Jack & Myrtle Casey   


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From the Fellowship
Thanks to all from the Fellowship Committee for the hard work and cooperation from many to make the Wine & Cheese Tasting plus the Dance on Jan. 9, 2016 successful. Anne and Dana, along with the rest of the kitchen staff, did a fantastic job in preparing the food and cheese displays. The food tables were kept refilled as items were consumed.
The Decorating Committee did a great job in decorating the ballroom. Wine servers did an excellent job and looked great. Thanks to the office for handling pre-sales. The First Class Band played music selections which kept the dance floor full all evening. Even the non-dancers like the First Class Band because, when they were playing, a conversation could still be heard at the table.
Mark your calendars for next year’s event to be held in January 2017.
Thank you for a Successful 2016 
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"Volunteer Recognition & Rewards Program"

"Volunteer Recognition & Rewards Program"
•Volunteer• - a person who performs tasks without monetary com-pensation.
•Recognition• - the acknowledgement of something for considera-tion. Something having been previously seen, heard or known.
•Rewards• - something given in recognition of one's service, effort or achievement.
Who doesn't like to be thanked for a job well done, or simply a pat on the back for efforts? Many times in volunteer based organizations, this gets overlooked. Why? Because unlike a traditional supervisor to employee workplace, the organization is made up of peer volunteers, most of whom are also volunteering countless hours.
We make every effort to thank those individuals who give up their own time to help with projects, events, fundraisers and other tasks, but many times, that type of "peer-to-peer" recognition falls flat, and leaves us wanting more. Why? Well, it's primarily due to our time spent in a traditional workplace environment, versus a non-profit or volunteer based workplace/organization.
Last year, we developed the template for our "Volunteer Recognition & Rewards Program". We were/are looking for both male and female lodge members to com-plete this committee and oversee the new initiative program. We have published the article several times in the newsletter over the past 9 months. Currently, there are 3 members that make up the Volunteer program, two males and one female. Each month we rotate between the males & female volunteers and choose who will be showcased for that month. The volunteers are given a point value system based on activities involved in & volunteered for, the amount of activities/time that is "donated", and the overall helpful words & kind attitudes demonstrated.
To date, not one single person has expressed interest in serving on the committee, nor submitted ideas to the committee. Not one single person.
We have the guidelines in place, we have started the program, we have the "volunteer of the month" parking space, and other rewards. What we don't have....is you. We need at least 3-4 other members to step up and serve on this program. Bring your ideas! Bring your suggestions! This isn't a time consuming commitment. Most of this can be done via email or phone.
We commonly hear, "I don't want to help or give up my time because no one ever thanks me." But when asked just WHO or WHERE the Thank-You's are to come from, the answer we get is "from the lodge." But the lodge....is in actuality, all of us. WE all make up the lodge in its entirety. We all like to be thanked & recognized, it's human nature.
Please consider participating in your lodge's "Recognition & Rewards Program." You, your friends, and your moose brothers & sisters deserve it.
~D.M. Ozmore

Visit Other Lodges In The Area
        There are several Lodges in the local area offering a variety of entertainment and activities to fit your needs. Please take the time to visit them over the holidays. 

Town Hall Meeting 
Date: 22 October / Time: 1-3pm / Location: Ballroom / Moderator: Mike Rios, Territory Manager, Eastern Virginia
Governor's Town Hall Meeting
Location: Hopewell Moose #1472 / Ballroom
Date: October 22, 2016  
Time: 1pm - 3pm
Moderator: Mike Rios, Eastern Virginia, 
Territory Manager 
1472 & CHAPTER 1180 INVITED**

Governor's Message
Wow!!!! Look at all we have done in just one month. We've had a great shrimp feast, a member-ship orientation (the first one in a long time) with more to come and our kitchen manager (Steve Nugent) started Aug 1st and by the time you read this newsletter our Queen of Hearts will be over $9,000 hopefully. Member-ship keeps growing. This is truly 1472 PRIDE at work which is a new article. There are many articles that I can talk about but they are in the newslet-ter, so I don't want to steal anyones thunder. I'll let you read it.
Now Something we should all be proud of is our past governor Troy King. He received the Governor's Award for the second year. A well deserved award from Moose International Headquarters for the 2015 /16 year as Governor of the Hopewell Lodge 1472. When you see Troy shake his hand and thank him for all his hard work. With that being said there is someone just as deserv-ing, his wife Cindy King. She can use a hand shake or a hug. I've only known Troy & Cindy a short while and to me they are truly team players, players I would like on our team any day.
Thank You Troy for all you do for our lodge.
This is the best example when everyone works to-gether through thick and thin everyone comes out a winner. From the top, to the middle, to the lower. Because in my opinion we have no bottom we are all winners.
Thanks Gerry Mastrovito Governor 1472 PRIDE
Senior Regent Message
If you are tired of the three H's, hot, hazy and humid, relief is in sight. September, our ninth calendar month and popularly the first month of Autumn, is the transition month between summer and fall. September is preeminently the harvest month. That was its name (Harvest) in Charlemagne's calendar, and it is still so called in Switzerland. In ancient times the Anglo-Saxons called it the barley month, from the crop usually harvested then. The full moon appearing in September is called the 'harvest moon'.
As you know, the Virginia State Conference was held in Norfolk, August 24-28. Hopewell #1180 had the pleasure of being the Hostess Chapter for this year's events.
The Board of Officers for the WOTM would like to thank each of you that helped with the planning of this successful event. We all had a great time and in the process learned a lot more about our organization.
For an escape from your regular routine, meet your friends in the Social Quar-ters on Wednesday and Friday evenings for a delicious dinner prepared by our new Chef, Steve Nugent. There will be a good selection of choices, a Moose Plate special plus at least two other specials. As always, on the third Thursday each month, we will have the Senior Luncheon. This is a very popular and well attended event that you would be sure to enjoy.
The WOTM will have their annual Fall Bazaar on Saturday, September 24 from 8:00AM to 2:00PM. Hint, hint...For best choices, preview night will be Friday 23rd.
For more excitement, we will have a 25 Cent Bingo night on the 28th of Sep-tember beginning at 7:00 PM. This is a members only event and will be a ton of fun. We would love to see you there.
Madelyn Collier, Senior Regent
A sense of humor is the safety valve on the boiler room of life. Smile.1472 PRIDE

Wed, Sep 7 – Open face Turkey Sandwich w/mashed potatoes & gravy…$6.95

Fri, Sep 9 – 8oz Broiled Flounder (Plain, Lemon Pepper, Blackened, or Old Bay) w/2 sides, bread…$9.95

Wed, Sep 14 – Grilled Chicken Breast (Plain, Italian, Teriyaki) w/2 sides, bread…$8.95

Fri, Sep 16 – Fried Chicken (Breast/Wing or Leg/Thigh) w/2 sides, bread…$6.95

Wed, Sep 21 – Steamed Shrimp (12)(Plain or Old Bay), w/2 sides, bread…$14.95

Fri, Sep 23 – BBQ Plate (Minced) w/2 sides, bread…Small $5.50, Large $7.50

Wed, Sep 28 – Lasagna w/Garlic Bread + 1 trip to Salad Bar…$8.50

Fri, Sep 30 – Hamburger Steak w/Gravy, 2 sides, bread…$7.50

*8 oz Ribeye Steak…$9.95 and 8 oz New York Strip Steak…$11.95 will be available every dinner night.

  Please Remember That Our Wait Staff Works For Tips Only!!
3rd Annual VMA Moose Karaoke Contest 
22 OCT LOOM/WOTM Hopewell Moose Lodge Karaoke Contest. 
All entries must be in NLT 4pm on 17 Oct **NO EXCEPTIONS**
Call the office at 804-458-1755 and leave your contact information for the Governor. 
Winners from Lodge and Chapter Level competitions will compete to represent your District at the Virginia Moose Association Karaoke Contest Friday, January 27, 2017 at the VMA Mid-Year Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. 

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