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4th of July Picnic in the Park
Starts: Noon

Ends: 5pm

Food Served: 1-4pm

DJ: Chip Cook

Price: $5 


Corn Hole


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You can t find the Hopewell Moose Lodge??? Try putting in 905 Cousins Ave, Hopewell, VA 23860 and we are right around the bend.
Trivia Night At The Lodge
You and your team could be on their way to winning a few dollars ($50 first place and $25 second) at Trivia night.  Meeting twice a month on Thursdays at 7:00 Dawn Ozmore leads her team to try to stump participants.  Most months we meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday but check the calendar to make sure as holidays can impact that. Sometimes Dawn likes to play and hands the lead over to Julie Andrews or Darrell Johnson. 

There's no cost to play and there's lounge food available as well as drinks.  Where else can you play a mental game while enjoying your favorite beverage?  Even if you don't win you're guaranteed a great time.  If you're alone we'll find a team for you to join and otherwise there's no limit on the number of participants. Come early, grab your table and order up some delicious food and refreshing drinks! Cash prizes, gift give-aways and moosebucks are waiting for you! 
No team? No problem! We have plenty of people you can share a table with! Just come out and have FUN. There is no cost to play, and all materials are provided.  

Lee Dixon

Myrtle Casey Senior Luncheon”

TIME: Noon
There were 65 in attendance at the Senior Lunch on 16 June. Jack Casey is stepping it up this month and serving Surf & Turf (London Broil & Popcorn Shrimp), Baked Potato, Green Beans and a Roll with Pineapple Upside Down Cake for dessert.
Prize Winners: Sandra Burcham (Moose Bucks), Bev Jones (Moose Cup), Christina Francioni (Coffee Mug) and Kim Raymond (Moose Tote Bag)

“Volunteer Participation: One of the Biggest Issues Facing Non-Profit Organizations Today.”

All over the Country, a common theme seems to be developing. Maybe it is just a sign of today’s times; the more we plug in to connect, the more we disconnect from our family, neighbors and community. In our efforts to stay connected, we actually further distance ourselves. Perhaps it has more to do with today’s culture, and/or increasing crime rates, or economic issues. Whatever the underlying issue is, or the systematic steps that led us to where we are today; the one thing that still remains is the need to aid and assist others through non-profit organizations with the support of volunteers. The common thread across the Nation is not only getting volunteers, but more importantly, retaining the volunteers.

Do these sound familiar? Common reasons people cite for not volunteering:
1) I don’t want to go to meetings.                                        6) I don’t like Jane Doe or John Doe.
2) I don’t want to commit.                                                   7) I really don’t understand what you do.
3) It sounds like too much work.                                         8) No one has asked me to help
4) I just don’t have time.                                                      9) I don’t feel qualified
5) I won’t know anybody.                                                   10) I’m really not sure who to talk to for info

  We would like to develop and implement a “process” to initiate a program of volunteer participants that are profile based on their interests or expertise.
From this process, we would like to enrich and expand our current “Volunteer Recognition” program to include more of a comprehensive “Volunteer Rewards and Recognition” program that we can build upon over the next few years. 
  This new program will include: motivation stimulators, feedback, clear and concise areas needed for volunteer efforts, expectations & descriptions, training/and or support, recruitment tools, mentors, exit meeting follow-ups, reward & recognition levels. It will also include a “Volunteer Coordinator/Chairman”, and a volunteer committee. 
  If you are interested in helping with this new initiative and developing pathways for this program, please contact:
Troy K. King –Jr. Past Governor, Brad Ozmore –Moose Legion Chairman, or Dawn Ozmore –Jr. Graduate Regent, for more information. 

Stay tuned for more information!  
~D.M. Ozmore~

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From the Fellowship
Thanks to all from the Fellowship Committee for the hard work and cooperation from many to make the Wine & Cheese Tasting plus the Dance on Jan. 9, 2016 successful. Anne and Dana, along with the rest of the kitchen staff, did a fantastic job in preparing the food and cheese displays. The food tables were kept refilled as items were consumed.
The Decorating Committee did a great job in decorating the ballroom. Wine servers did an excellent job and looked great. Thanks to the office for handling pre-sales. The First Class Band played music selections which kept the dance floor full all evening. Even the non-dancers like the First Class Band because, when they were playing, a conversation could still be heard at the table.

Mark your calendars for next year’s event to be held in January 2017.

Thank you for a Successful 2016 
VMA Facebook
Governor's Message
Brother's & Sisters
 I would like to open this letter by giving a well deserved THANK YOU to all.
  There were three big events during the month of May, the Policemen Memorial Breakfast, the Run for the Wall and our annual Memorial Day Picnic. The timing and coordination of putting everything into place was outstanding. The food preparation for these events plus keeping the Lodge meals on schedule was assume. This is 1472 PRIDE in action at it's best.
To all the full time workers, the kitchen staff and the volunteers. Again Thank You for everything.
  In the month of June we had our 60 Year Anniversary Celebration, Massey Cancer Golf Tournament, and our First Annual Car / Motorcycle Show. Again a lot of time and coordination was put into make it a success. There were many people were involved but our Volunteers made these event a hit. The Chairmen were J.D. Langley and Butch Morris for the Massey Cancer Golf, Brad and Dawn Ozmore for the 60 Year Anniversary Celebration and Brian Carpenter for the first Annual Car / Motorcycle Show. Special thanks to the kitchen staff for taking care of all the food service end of things. The Queen of Hearts is growing and over $7,000. Butch Morris and his team are doing a great job so let's give him the support. After all the Lodge wins too.
  Bingo is doing GREAT; however our Volunteer Staff is getting tired. If you can give one BINGO night a month this would take some of the pressure off the regular Volunteers on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.
  Our membership campaign is in progress and we had our first drawing June 2nd. Ricky Miller was our winner of the $20 Moose Buck’s for May. 
  July we'll have some adjustments to make. The Moose International Convention will be in St. Louis the first weekend. Which is also our 4th of July picnic. To help take some of the work load off everyone Bingo is cancelled Sunday July 3rd. The kitchen staff will be on vacation from July 9th - 16th so it will be an all Volunteer Staff cooking. We are also bring back our menu with the specials.
  With all we have going on in lodge our volunteers are the key to success. 
All volunteers are appreciated come on out and join the team you may just have a little fun. 
**On Saturday October 22, 2016 from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm the Lodge is having a Town Hall Meeting in the Ballroom.  All active LOOM & WOTM are encouraged to attend. 
Format follows Roberts Rules of Order. The Boards goal is to listen and take heed to the direction you as members want the Lodge to go.  
Snacks and drinks provide immediately following. (tea & coffee).

**Starting 1 July donate Winter Hats and Gloves to the Soldiers children at Fort Lee. There is a box in the lobby for your donations. 

1ST MEETING 2 June 2016
$228 Marvin Wheeler / NOT PRESENT: No Winner
$114 Arther Sheffield / NOT PRESENT: No Winner

2ND MEETING 16 June 2016
$234 Charles Mayton / NOT PRESENT: No Winner
$117 Wayne Bowles / NOT PRESENT: No Winner

Ricky Miller was our winner of the $20 Moose Buck’s for the month of May.  

Let's keep the "1472 PRIDE" rolling

Moose Charities
I would like to thank the Hopewell Moose members, both men and women, for their generosity thus far in donations to the Moosehaven Centennial Project. In just four months since the launch of this project the VMA has reached 22.42% of our three year goal of $500,000.00. Our Lodge has met our three year goal of $12,500 (104.78% ). We will keep up the momentum going above and beyond as we always do for Moosehaven and Moose Heart in order to complete this project ahead of schedule. Although the VMA didn't set any goals for our Chapters, Districts, and Moose Legions we at the Hopewell Moose Lodge will support this project with all we can over the next three years. Lets get behind building of our future home in the “City of Contentment”. Thanks to your efforts.

Roy Snyder Moose Charities Chairman
Visit Other Lodges In The Area
        There are several Lodges in the local area offering a variety of entertainment and activities to fit your needs. Please take the time to visit them over the holidays. 

Volunteer of the Month

Please join us in congratulating OLA WYATT as our Volunteer of the Month! Ola has been enrolled in the Women of the Moose since 1983, and is a Lifetime Member of the Manassas Chapter and is an active, dual member of our Hopewell Chapter since 2012.

Ola is currently serving as Membership Retention Chairmen for the 2016/2017 year, and plays a vital role in keeping our members current and contacting those that have lapsed each month.

In addition, Ola actively participates in all lodge functions: 50/50 raffles, bake sales, picnics, Senior Nursing Home monthly functions, on-going lobby book sales, weekly Bingo nights, attendance drawing at all meetings, special luncheons & dinners, as well as handcrafting blankets, hats & scarves for the needy and our seniors in the community.

Thank you Ola Wyatt for all that you do!!! ~D.M. Ozmore~ 
Volunteer Recognition Committee

Lodge Changes & Updates
Beginning 1 January 2016 there will be no smoking in the Social Quarter "LOWER LEVEL" from 5:30 to 8:00 at the Wednesday and Friday Night Dinners as a consideration to others as they eat dinner. This is not a change to the Social Quarters Rules. No other night of the week
 is effected. Smoking is permitted in all other areas of the Social Quarters to include the Game Room. Smoking resumes in this area at 8pm.

3rd Annual Shrimp Fest/Beach Party

Location: Hopewell Moose #1472 / Ballroom
Date: August 6, 2016
Chairman: Brad Ozmore
Office: (804) 458-1755
Time: Doors Opens at 5pm
Food Served: 6-8pm 
**Moose Milk Included in Price**
Price: $25 each / $28 at the door
Entertainment 8-Midnight


This the Lodge chartered the 
entire boat as a “Private” charter 
for Moose Members Only. The 
“OCEAN EAGLE”. leaves at 
12:30 and returns at 5:30. A Senior is any member 62 and older. Non-seniors will pay $40 per person for the trip. The date is the 7th of September. This has been a successful, enjoyable event for Moose seniors for many years now and we hope this year will be no exception. Lunch, drinks and Moose Milk is served on the boat courtesy of the Hopewell Moose Lodge 1472. You may bring your favorite rod if you like or the boat will furnish rods, reels and bait. Bring a cooler for all the fish you will catch. The sign-up sheet is available in the office “NOW”. Last day to sign up is Aug 24th.Stop by the Office or call 804-458-1755 to have your name added to the list. Visit the site at http://www.hamptonroadscharter.com/
From Richmond Take 64 E to exit 265A Lasalle Ave. Go 3 blocks to make left onto Settlers Landing Rd. Follow Settlers Landing for 1 mile to Crown Plaza Hotel on your right, 
Jerald Langley, Fishing Events Chairman / 804 - 731-2141