•Moose Youth Awareness Program•

See these kids? 
These kids are now registered for our scholarship program. They are on their way to participating in the Moose "Youth Awareness" program. Hopewell Lodge #1472 is now the proud sponsor of 9 students total, with our final, registration session taking place on November 11th at 11 am - in the ballroom. The students will now have the opportunity to: **earn scholarship money- from $1,000 up to $12,000, **earn college application community service points, **earn a random $500 gift card drawing from the VMA, **earn movie gift cards and $50 Amazon gift cards from Hopewell Lodge (plus all classroom materials needed) and....**earn the opportunity to travel on a 4-day, Moose International Youth Student Congress trip to Boston, all expenses paid, AND spending money provided!!! All of this is made possible by completing just 3 "KidTalks" and report submittal. 

Best part? 
***You do NOT have to be a Moose Member to participate in this program***Open to ALL high school students***

If you know of a high school student, who could benefit from this opportunity- please encourage them to attend! If transportation is an issue, contact me and I will gladly assist! 

~ Dawn Ozmore 
Youth Awareness Chairman (Y.A.P)
Activities/Sports Chairman (W.O.T.M) 

Youth Awareness