The Private Social Quarters of the Hopewell Moose Lodge is operated in Full Compliance of the Rules and Regulations for Private Social Quarters Operations published by the Supreme Lodge. The following Local Rules and Regulations are an addendum to the Rules and Regulations published by the Supreme Lodge. RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR PRIVATE SOCIAL QUARTERS OPERATION OF THE HOPEWELL MOOSE LODGE #1472

1.Social Quarters are defined as the lounge, patio area and the Ballroom when used for Moose Functions.
2.Members are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times utilizing the lodge facilities (NO RUNNING). Anyone under the age of 18 must leave the Social Quarters no later than 9:00P.M. Sunday thru Thursday and 11:00P.M. Friday and Saturday. NOTE: Memorial Day- Labor Day Sun –Thurs 11pm, unless otherwise approved by the House Committee.
3.Any member of the Order purchasing an alcoholic beverage for anyone under the age of 21, or knowingly allowing them to consume such will immediately be asked to leave the premises and be requested to appear before the House Committee for action.
4.No checks will be cashed for more than $100.00 and only one check during a 24-hour period, unless signed by an elected officer who will be responsible for the excess.
5.No cash advances allowed through the bar. Unless the ATM is inoperable,.
6.In consideration to all members and their families, members are expected to wear clean and presentable attire at all times. NO short shorts, cut-offs, t-shirts (underwear type) will be allowed. Men’s tank tops will not be permitted. Appropriate (mid-thigh) shorts may be worn anywhere in the lounge and ballroom unless specified by the house committee.
7. Wearing of hats is prohibited during dinner service(5-8pm), in the following areas, the pool table/dart board area, the back bar, the open dining area of the SQ. Hats are ALLOWED in the main bar area, to include the hightop bar. Hats must be worn with bills in the front. Other types of head gear – i.e.: do-rags, bandanas, hardhats, etc. may not be worn. 
8.The jukebox in the lounge will be turned off anytime a band or DJ is scheduled in the lounge except while the band is on break.
9.Children may go to the kid’s room without their parents, but when they leave the kids room, they must return to their parent’s table. Children cannot roam about the social quarters without their parents.
10.The bartender has the option of closing early, if only 3 patrons are on site, 30 minutes before closing time.
11. NO SMOKING, VAPING or ECIGS ALLOWED IN THE LODGE. The No Smoking areas in the social quarters and ballroom will be marked with “No Smoking” signs. All No Smoking areas must be honored! No smoking within 50 feet of ANY entrance to the lodge.
12. Tables MAY NOT be reserved, during dinner service.
13.During dinner service, no tables may be moved without first consulting with the waitstaff. Member is responsible for returning tables to original location.
14. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to sit at the bars.
15. MOOSE MEMBERS ONLY are allowed to play the VTABS, pull tabs, jukebox. MOOSE MEMBERS ONLY are allowed to make purchases from the bar. A non-member WILL NOT receive any winnings from gaming machines. The bartender, social quarters manager or board of officer(after identifying themselves) may ask to see your moose card. Failure to produce, your ID. May result in disciplinary actions.
16. NO outside food (except birthday cakes, cupcakes) may be brought into the social quarters.
17. NO fundraising events(except moose related) allowed in social quarters
18. Firearms are prohibited in the lodge unless law enforcement
19. No alcohol allowed off the patio.
20. Noone under the age of 15 allowed to play at the pool tables without supervision.
21. Entry to patio is from SQ door only. Gates are used for emergency exit only.