1. LOOM dues 2018/2019 $55.00
2. Wave $20.00 application fee.
3. Free membership dues for signing 3 new male members. 
4. Six New Members Orientation on the odd months.
5. Membership Campaign challenge at Orientation. All sponsors names in a drawing Men one-year membership dues paid $55.00 or Ladies two years dues paid $60.00
6. Two weeks of Membership Retention Nov. and March 2019 $40.00 dues one year must pay at the Lodge. Only one per year per member. 
7. Membership 50/50 first Friday each month to offset cost.

Membership Chairman Mark Marshall Sr

Our last membership orientation we had 27 members attend. Kenny Dunbar won our membership sponsor drawing for a free years dues. Our next Membership Orientation  will be Nov. 9th. What is the duty of each Moose member? To promote membership and grow the Lodge. Please sign a new member. We can make our Lodge great one member at a time. Moose on a Mission.

Membership Chairman
Mark Marshall Sr.