Our WOTM assist the seniors & children in our community. As part of this community service, we are helping our seniors in need. We currently have 26 seniors at the home that the staff has identified as having: 
1) no family/visits 
2) in need of extra services. We would like to make sure that these 26 seniors have at least one present at Christmas. Can you help us? We have our "Senior Angel Tree" on the stage in the SQtrs, and you will find it decorated with rocking chair ornament cards. On the back of each card is a requested item & size for each senior. Please take a card, shop, and return the item WITH the card in an unwrapped bag and place it back on the stage. That's it! We will then triple-check our Santa List, and place them all in holiday gift bags and deliver them to the nursing home before Christmas.

call us -804-4581755