OCTOBER ***Every Meal: Ribeye $10.95 
4 OctStuffed Chicken Breast w/2 Sides & Bread$8.95
Moose Plate: Chicken or Beef Enchilada w/Spanish Rice$6.95
6 OctTilapia Fish (Broiled or Fried) w/2 Sides & Bread$8.95
Moose Plate: Silver Dollar Salmon Cake on Toasted English Muffin w/1 Side$6.95
(Salmon Patties, Lettuce, Tomato & a Tangy Spread on Toasted English Muffin)
11 OctDon’s Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce & 1 Trip to Salad Bar, Garlic Bread$8.95
Moose Plate: Italian Sausage (Ground Pork) Sub on Crusted Sub Roll w/1 Side$6.50
13 OctBeef Tips w/Gravy over Noodles or Rice w/1 Side & Bread$8.95
Moose Plate: Hawaiian Grilled Cheese (Sweet Han, Pineapple Slices & Monterey Jack Cheese on Grilled Toast) w/1 Side or Cup of Soup$6.50
18 OctFrench Dip Sub w/Au Ju’s (Port Tender Roast Beef, Provolone Cheese & Grilled Onions) w/2 Sides8.95
Moose Plate: Deviled Crab w/Cod Nuggets w/2 Sides & Bread$7.95
20 OctFried Oysters w/2 Sides & Hushpuppies$9.95
Moose Plate: Manicotti w/Meat Sauce w/1 Side & Garlic Bread$6.95
25 OctMeatloaf w/Gravy w/2 Sides & Bread$8.95
Moose Plate: Mediterranean Shrimp w/Sauted Tomatoes, Green Onions, Creamy BUter Garlic Sauce w/2 Sides & Bread$7.95
27 OctBeef & Vegetable Stir Fry, Sweet-n-Sour Chicken over Noodles or Rice w/1 Trip Salad Bar & Egg Roll$8.95
Moose Plate: Bowl of Chicken & Dumplings & Bread$6.50

Hopewell Moose Family Center 1472
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Loyal Order of Moose is a private organization. All activities and events referred to on this Web site and in the Moose newsletter are available to active members and their qualified guests only. This Web site is for informational purposes with proprietary information intended for members only. General information is available to the public at large, but should not be construed to be a solicitation for membership. This Web site is an initiative of Hopewell Moose Lodge No. 1472, and is not sanctioned by the Loyal Order of Moose, Moose International or any subsidiary thereof. All logos, trademarks and servicemarks pertaining to the Loyal Order of Moose and/or its programs or degrees are copyrighted C by Moose International, Inc., Mooseheart, Illinois.
Contact Us
You can t find the Hopewell Moose Lodge??? Try putting in 905 Cousins Ave, Hopewell, VA 23860 and we are right around the bend.
The~ Congratulations to Mark Marshall for being selected as Hopewell Moose Family Center's "Moose of the Year"!!!! Your energy and enthusiasm is second to none! As 3rd Year Trustee for our Board of Officers, Co-Chair for Moose Legion, and Co-Chair for our Queen of Hearts event, you have dedicated tremendous time and energy to our lodge. In addition, you can routinely be found helping with picnics, breakfasts, assisting with Bingo, BBQ's, Fish Fry's and other activities. Thank you for going the extra mile and continuing to sponsor new members into our fraternity, as the #1 Top Sponsor in the Legionnaires. We appreciate your efforts to further our lodge, and community.

Myrtle Casey Senior Luncheon”
NEXT: 19th October
TIME: Noon
COST $4.00
The Social Quarters saw 53 seniors attend last month. If you chose to eat somewhere else, you missed a great meal and fellowship. You do not have to be a senior to join us and eat!  

Senior Lunch Chairman Jack Casey

Hopewell Moose Lodge 1472
4701 Western St
Hopewell, VA 23860
Call us: 804-458-1755
Sun Closed
Mon Closed
Tue 10:00am-5:00pm
Wed 10:00am-5:00pm
Thu 10:00am-5:00pm
Fri 10:00am-5:00pm
Sat Closed
 "Volunteers Needed”

Many new members have inquired how they can get involved. Here is a list of activities that might interest you. 
-Feeding the Homeless in Hopewell every Wednesday: Contact Cindy King at 931-338-2758
-Queen of Hearts: Contact Mark Marshall at 804-458-1755
-BINGO Sun 4-7:30PM & Tue 6-9:30pm: Contact the office at 804-458-1755.
-OIC: Contact the office at 804-458-1755 and leave a message for Brian Carpenter. 
-Kids Movie Night: Contact the office at 804-458-1755 and leave a message for Brian Carpenter. 
-Decorating Committee: Contact the office 804-458-1755 and leave a message for Marie Matlock. 

Volunteer Committee
VMA Facebook
        There are several Lodges in the local area offering a variety of entertainment and activities to fit your needs. Please take the time to visit them over the holidays. 


The Queen started again on October 2nd 
at $1,000.00 and Linda White got the 
first shot at the new game. On October 
9th the Jackpot was $1,168 and Wilma 
Turner had her chance at the Queen. 
Neither found the Queen, but both did 
get $50.00 richer!
I want to “Thank” all our volunteers who are working at the Queen of Hearts“. The Jackpot is growing weekly, so come on out – every Monday, with tickets on sale from 5pm-7pm. We are still giving away two (2) 50/50s Jackpots, Moose Bucks, and two Wednesday or Friday Night Dinners.  

Senior Regent Message

Hello, Co-Workers!
 Calling all crafters! The pool house is now available to do the crafts for the women’s fall bizarre. The BAZAAR will take place on Nov3-Nov 4. There will be wreaths, jewelry, and much more. Also in October the community service committee will be holding a White Elephant on the 11th. The Senior Lunch will be on Oct 19th along with the Birthday Party at the nursing home. In other news as of right now we are 3rd in state for number of applications turned in and enrolled for this year’s campaign. Keep up the good work and maybe we can make it to 1st place by April. I hope you all have a great October and Happy Halloween! 


Pamela Harsh, Senior Regent
Sun Noon - 10:00pm
Mon Noon-10:00pm
Tue Noon-10:00pm
Tue (Dart Night Midnight)
Wed Noon-Midnight
Thu Noon-11pm
Fri Noon-Midnight 
Sat Noon-Midnight
Administrator Message
Well, the plumbing in the men's bathroom is complete, new fixtures and tile have been installed. We are now on the final stage of the plumbing renovation. The line that extends from the bathrooms to the sewer is now being unearthed and will be replaced. While this project is going on, there will be times where the front lobby and entrance will be closed. The flooring in the lobby will have to be dug up, in order to expose and replace the piping. We will keep you posted of closure dates. There has also been a water line break, in the line that extends to the pool house. The water has been cut off and this project will begin once the current one is finished.

Now a few words about the kitchen, the last thing anyone on that staff wants, is for your meal not be well prepared and to your liking. The staff meets regularly to go over new menu ideas and better ways to prepare and serve our Wednesday and Friday night dinners. Take a moment to look at a menu from other lodges and you will find ONE entree only, compared to our 3 or 4. Please understand we are not running as a 5-star restaurant, nor are we charging 5-star prices. However, we want you to have an enjoyable dining experience, and we thank you for choosing to dine with us. Thank you for your patience while we strive to get it right. Comment cards are available at the front desk.

Lastly, it was decided that members wishing to hold parties in the game room/pool house/social quarters, and requesting food to be provided, will be responsible for the food cost, as well as a charge for kitchen staff. For example: a birthday party in the game room, where you would like the lodge to do chicken tenders, fries etc, would require one employee for 3hrs. minimum, x $12hr. These fees would be discussed and agreed upon prior to the event. For more information, contact the office 804-458-1755

 Brad Ozmore
A local Lodge needs your support.

Visit the Colonial Heights Moose new website at http://lodge1783.moosepages.org/ for the latest events.  

Quarter BINGO, visit the Colonial Heights Moose Lodge for details.
Governor's Message
Let's Recognize....
It is with much pleasure that I would like to congratulate our brother, Troy King as the newest Territory Manager for Eastern Virginia .  As one of Moose Internationals newest employees, you may see a little less of him around our lodge, but just know that he is now doing the good work for us and the rest of his territory.
Good job Troy and congratulations.

Brian Carpenter, Governor / MOOSE PROUD
Admin Staff Message

Tickets for Feature Attraction on sale in the office.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! New Year’s Eve tickets go on sale on Tuesday, November 7, at 9:00 am.
Kathy & Mary
 Office Staff 
"Kid's Karaoke Contest 4 November"  
Hopewell Moose Family Center #1472
2017 Kid’s Karaoke Contest
**This contest is OPEN TO ALL LODGES, IN ALL DISTRICTS. Children and grandchildren 
of all members in good standing are welcome to participate. There is no cost to participate or attend this event. 
**There will be two age groups: “Kids 0 - 12 years” and “Kids 12 -18 years.” 
**FIRST PLACE in each division: TBD
**SECOND PLACE in each division: TBD 
**This is a solo competition. Duets and group act entries are not allowed. 
**All contestants must register in advance by one of the following: 
1) email: hopewellmoose@comcast.net 
2) In person, during regular office hours (Tues-Fri 10am-5pm) 
**Registration deadline is 3 Nov, 2017 at 5 pm. 
The deadline will be 3 November, 2017, close of the business day (5pm). 
**No personal C.D’s or other personalized music may be utilized during this contest. 
**Judges immediate families are not allowed to participate. 
We are proud and excited to offer this rare opportunity for our local youth to be involved with a live karaoke performance. This event promises to be a great family experience and fun! 

~ D.M. Ozmore Jr Grad Regent 

The Moose wants to recognize our Valued Veteran with in our Fraternity. This is a self reporting program that will allow the Moose to properly recognize all the Veterans within our Lodge. 

To begin, pull up your Membership Record and log-in using your established username and password. If you are a first time user, you will need to set up a user profile before you can manage your member information online. This is a one time process.

After you have successfully logged-in, check the box next to Valued Veteran under Membership Information. We encourage you at this time to look over the rest of your record and please update any other information that might be inaccurate (current address, phone number, etc.) Once all of the information in your Membership Record is updated, click Save. You have now Self-Identified! Please see the “Lodge Program Components” section to learn of the special recognition aspects that you will enjoy in the program.

Look for more information from the Lodge on recognizing our Veterans in the upcoming months. 
Angelia Jolie stars in the epic battle for an enchanted kingdom. With revenge in her heart she sets out to ruin the life of the king but soon finds the meaning of peace in her adventure of this twist on the classic sleeping beauty story. Com out and join us on Oct 27th for a movie you won’t soon forget! The movie will begin promptly at 6:30
Any questions call Julie at 804-720- 8523. Thank you.
Julie Stamper at 804-720- 8523. 
Thank You
2nd Annual Car & Bike Show a Success

We asked, they came..again!
   The Hopewell Moose Lodge, 2nd Annual Car & Bike show was another great success. With the assistance of our host, The Southern Knight Cruisers, our car show was an even bigger success than last year. With approximately 100 beautiful cars, bikes & trucks, more vendors & even more participants this year we have grown another great event.
   With the help of the volunteers of the LOOM, WOTM, Moose Legion & our host, the Southern Knight Cruisers, we were able to raise $? to benefit our soldiers and their families through the Holiday Helpers Association at Fort Lee.
   This was a wonderful event that was open to the public as another opportunity to showcase our lodge, our home, and our Moose family. All while supporting those that give so much.
   The Holiday Helper Association strives to ensure the holiday season for wounded warriors and nominated military members facing difficult times is a memorable one by allowing them to shop at the Fort Lee Holiday Helper toy store free of charge. We also offer food vouchers to assist with their family meal, stocking stuffers, hats and mittens, homemade infant blankets, books, puzzles, a live tree if needed and so much more. 
VMA Membership Campaign 
for 2017 - 2018 
Written by Calvin Green 
 Published: 01 May 2017 
Supporting members is something that has always been important to the Moose. So, it is no surprise that our newest Virginia initiative, the "VMA Membership Campaign" program, has drawn so much interest from Loyal Order of Moose members.
The focus of this program is on recognizing the support of members within our state with an emphasis on their ongoing work to sign up quality new members and re-enrollment of great former members. Our new VMA Membership Campaign starts on May 1, 2017 and runs until April 30, 2018. Just pointing out the highlights of this program year's campaign you can receive one year's free dues, earn a "Super Sponsor" shirt, and take part in winning $2,500 in cash prizes. And, District Presidents not to be left out, you can win one year's free membership and be included in the drawings for the $2,500, if you have a plus membership within your district.
3 & 4—WOTM Bazaar
4—Kids Karaoke / Adult Karaoke Contest
11—Valued Veterans Appreciation Dinner & Veterans Dance
16—Senior Lunch
17- Jim Quick and the COASTLINE BAND 
24—Kids Movie Night

2—Employee/Volunteer Christmas Party And “Bak-N-Da-Day” Band in ballroom
13—WOTM Christmas Dinner
15—”Colonial Heights” Wine & Cheese
31—New Years Eve Dance w/The 
Feature Attraction

18-21 -Mid-Year Conference

Back by popular demand. The 4 Tier Membership Campaign continues for a second year. Congratulation to Brian Carpenter for signing the most members and earning a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP TO THE MOOSE. 
Mark Marshall, Membership Chairman
An International Organization of Men and Women Dedicated to Caring for Young and Old, Bringing Communities Closer Together, and Celebrating Life.
Visit the new and improved Moose International Website at http://www.mooseintl.org/ 
"Moose International Loss Prevention Committee Member" 2017-2018
Congratulations to 
our very own, 
Ken Emerson!!! 

Lodgic is an ambitious new plan to do more of what the Moose has been doing since 1888. We’re the Moose Lodge, a.k.a. the Loyal Order of Moose. We’re one of the original fraternal service organizations that shaped the 20th century in America, and we were doing great things long before Fred and Barney joined Bedrock’s Water Buffalo Lodge.
We’ve been supporting communities, inspiring working families, and caring for at-risk children for more than 100 years. Lodgic is an all-new way for a new generation to do the timelessly good things we've always stood for — to work hard, take care of each other, and have fun.
We can’t wait to begin making new friends in Champaign and other cities soon! 

Fellowship Degree of Honor
A Fellow is someone who has been a leader and is now often an all-important mentor to newer members, helping guide them along a fraternal leadership path towards enhancing our existing programs. They continue to serve in various ways to keep their fraternal units strong, often through positive efforts in membership recruitment and retention.

Membership is generally comprised of those who take an active role in building membership, serving on committees and volunteering their time & talents in service to Moose programs. Those who serve as Chairmen of various committees and as officers in the: lodge, Moose Legion, district and associations are most often recognized and recommended for advancement.

The Committee, which is comprised of current Pilgrims and Fellows, met last fall to select the most qualified Moose Legionnaire for such a great honor. For 2017, the Hopewell Moose Lodge Fellowship Committee selected Gerry Mastrovito. Gerry has proven himself over the years by taking on the toughest positions in the lodge, serving with distinction, never faltering, increasing membership and volunteering at every opportunity. 

The Fellowship Committee looks forward to Gerry taking on bigger and better things in the lodge, stepping up to serve on more committees, volunteering more of his time, mentoring members to take his position, while he continues to excel in the Moose. We are sure he will make us proud. 

Congratulation to Gerry Mastrovito for earning your Fellowship Degree of Honor. 
Fellowship Committee

College of Regents
Special congratulations go out to Lynetta R. Parrish for earning her "College Of Regents" degree during the International Moose Conference held last month in Tampa, Florida. Thank you for your contributions to our Chapter and to Mooseheart & Moosehaven. 
~ D.M. Ozmore Activities/Sports Chairman 
Have you seen our newest artwork in the Social Quarters?

Special thanks to Mallory 
Davis, of Girl Scout Troop 
585 for the gift of love. In 
order to meet her goals, 
Miss Mallory sold Girl 
Scout Cookies in our 
lobby for many weekends; 
and she wanted to thank our lodge for the opportunity provided, and hand painted this awesome moose eating cookies! Thank you Mallory! We wish you all the best for your community efforts. Heart of the Community… 
~ D.M. Ozmore Activities/Sports Chairman 

The "Bak N Da Day" Band 
December 2nd / 8 PM - 11:30PM· Hopewell Moose Lodge 1472 · Hopewell
You like Hopewell Moose Family Center 1472
All the Best of Motown's Soul & Glamour. 
Doo-wop, PhillySoul, Romance Ballards, and R&B Classics from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. One of the BEST performances you will see & hear; with a wide range of sounds from the Temptations & Four Tops, to the Commodores! Come sing along to the Stylistics, Delfonics, and 
Spinners, while swooning 
to the sounds of the 
Flamingos, Skyliners, & 
Five Satins. Tickets are 
$12 advance/$15 at the 
door. ***Must be a 
member or qualified 
Guest*** Food will be 
available. Dance is 

October 28th there will be door prizes, finger foods and beverages will be provided.

Guest Speaker from the VA
Thanksgiving Baskets
The seasons are fast approaching.  Please take a moment to think about those less fortunate.  As we do annually, we will be distributing Thanksgiving baskets to those who could use a helping hand.  Let's make sure those less fortunate have a nice Thanksgiving meal.  If you know of an individual or family, please submit their name(s) (and ages if children) to the office by Sat, Nov 4 so we may offer them a Thanksgiving Basket.  The baskets come with the traditional dinner items.
Have a little time on your hands, consider helping assemble these baskets which will be offered for pick up on Sat, Nov 18.