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You can t find the Hopewell Moose Lodge??? Try putting in 905 Cousins Ave, Hopewell, VA 23860 and we are right around the bend.
Trivia Night At The Lodge
You and your team could be on their way to winning a few dollars ($50 first place and $25 second) at Trivia night.  Meeting twice a month on Thursdays at 7:00 Dawn Ozmore leads her team to try to stump participants.  Most months we meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday but check the calendar to make sure as holidays can impact that. 

There's no cost to play and there's lounge food available as well as drinks.  Where else can you play a mental game while enjoying your favorite beverage?  Even if you don't win you're guaranteed a great time.  If you're alone we'll find a team for you to join and otherwise there's no limit on the number of participants. Come early, grab your table and order up some delicious food and refreshing drinks! Cash prizes, gift give-aways and moosebucks are waiting for you! 
No team? No problem! We have plenty of people you can share a table with! Just come out and have FUN. There is no cost to play, and all materials are provided.  

Lee Dixon
Myrtle Casey Senior Luncheon”

NEXT: 17 Nov
TIME: Noon
The Senior Luncheon on 20 Oct There were 54 Members in attend-ance and the winner of the Moose Bucks for this month was Bessie Winbush . We also We celebrated the 106th Birthday of Patty Hughes. Make your plans to attend next month on 17 Nov for a great time.

Jack & Myrtle Casey   


Hopewell Moose Lodge 1472
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Call us: 804-458-1755
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From the Fellowship
The Fellowship will host its Annual Wine and Cheese on 25 February 2017. Look for tickets to go on sale early January 2017. Fellowship Chairman Ray Schaefer Sr. is this years Chairman and is looking forward to a host of support by the WOTM, Moose Legion, the Lodge Catering Staff and a host of Volunteers. If you missed this event last year, you missed out on the classiest upscale event of the year. The selection of wines and display of cheese are too numerous to mention. Mark your calendars now so you do not miss out again. 
Ray Schaefer Sr., Fellowship Chairman 

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Visit Other Lodges In The Area
        There are several Lodges in the local area offering a variety of entertainment and activities to fit your needs. Please take the time to visit them over the holidays. 

Date: 10 Dec / Time: 6pm / Social Quarters closed at 6pm / All volunteer and employees, open bar with dinner served
Nominating Committee
Time to start thinking about running for the 2017-18 Moose Board of Officers. IAW Sec. 33.3 - …”The Nominating Committee will organize”...for our Lodge they will meet on 16 February immediately following the General Membership Meeting. With the exception of the Administrator, all officers are nominated on 16 March and are elected on 6 April. The final date and time to submit is 6 March at 5pm to the Administrator. No other nominations are accepted after 5pm. Current Board of Officer Positions are 3 Year Trustee, Prelate, Jr. Governor, Treasurer and Governor. Please read your General Laws as the criteria for running for Governor has various stipulations. 

Governor's Message
The past month was very emotional for me as we honored all our Veterans on 11 November. Let’s also remember the Veterans that are no longer with us during the holidays. Thank You for all you do. 
We conducted our Membership Retention starting with a day in the park with a petting zoo for the kids, lunch and a great band. During the week we welcomed several new members and many renewed their commitment to Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Great job!!!!
I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. As we roll into the Christmas season, a lot of events and parties will be happening at the Lodge, so come down and enjoy the hospitality. The kitchen always has a great meal to warm your bones.  
January means New Year's. Remember don't let your Loved one's or friends drink and drive. Please join us at the VMA Midyear in Norfolk. Book your room early before they are all gone. 
Thank you to the men and women of the Lodge for all you do. Without everyone working together we would not be successful.
From our home to your home Angela and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

Thanks Gerry Mastrovito Governor 1472 PRIDE
Senior Regent Message
The old saying seems to be true that "the older we are, the faster time goes".  It is that way for me - it's hard to believe we are already in our twelfth month of 2016.  December was the tenth month in the ancient Roman year.  It was called DECEMBRIS by the Romans because DECEM is the Latin word for ten.  SATURNALIA, the chief Roman festival, was held in December; it honored Saturn, father of Jupiter, and was accompanied by unbridled merrymaking.  The Roman festival of the winter solstice, on December 25, celebrated the birthday of the Unconquered Sun.  Until the reign of William the Conqueror (1066-87), the English began their year on December 25.  In ancient times, Druid priests preformed pagan rites during this season.  After their conversion to Christianity, the Saxons changed their name for the month, WINTER-MONATH, to HELIGH-MONATH, or HOLY-MONTH. 

Regardless of what it's called, December is a very busy month.  As you are out and about during the month, why not take a break from going home to cook? Stop by the Social Quarters on Wednesday and Friday evenings for a 'home-cooked' meal without the work or cleanup.  Chef Steve always has something special and delicious.

Also, in the Ballroom we have Bingo on Sundays and Tuesdays.  Doors open at 4:30 PM.  On Monday evenings, try your luck with finding the Queen of Hearts and on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, test your skill with Trivia.

Drawing for the Scratch Raffle will be held on the 21st.  Call or stop by the office for more information on this event.

For an evening of celebration, make plans to attend the New Year's Eve dance in the Ballroom.  Tickets are $30.00 each for this special night, including breakfast.  Dance the night away with the music of Feature Attraction. Thanks to Marie Matlock and her Elves, you will be amazed when you see how beautiful the Ballroom is decorated.

And now at this very special time of the year, I would like to be the first to wish each of you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Madelyn W. Collier

Train your heart to SMILE
    and your soul to sing                                    
and you will find a blessing 
    in each and everything.

November 25th-Friday
BBQ Chicken 1/4 White $6.95 1/4 Dark $5.95

November 30th- Wednesday
Salmon Cakes (1) $6.95 (2)$8.95

December 2nd - Friday
Great Prime Rib served in the Dining room (prices will be posted that night)

December 7th- Wednesday
Chili/Beans & Bread:$6.95

December 9th-Friday
8oz Flounder (Broiled or Fried) $8.95 

December 14th-Wednesday
Baked Pork Chops small:$5.50 large $7.95

December 15th-Thursday-Senior Lunch served at 12pm till 1pm
Beef Stew with Cornbread

December 16th-Friday
Fried Chicken 1/4 Dark $5.95 or 1/4 White $6.95

December 21st-Wednesday
Spaghetti with Garlic Bread:$6.95

December 23rd-Friday-
Christmas Dinner

December 28th-Wednesday
Beef Tips over Noodles :$6.95

December 30th-Friday
Hamburger Steak with Black eyes peas, Stewed Tomato & Cabbage:$7.95
Happy New Year!!!

  Please Remember That Our Wait Staff Works For Tips Only!!
Sun Noon - 10:00pm
Mon Noon-10:00pm
Tue Noon-10:00am 
Tue (Dart Night Midnight)
Wed Noon-Midnight
Thu Noon-10:00pm
Fri Noon-1:00am
Sat Noon-Midnight
Administrator Message
Notice anything different, with your cell phone downloads?? We had an IT professional come in and install 3 wifi access points, throughout the lodge. There is no password, so once you enter the lodge look under your settings for moose lodge and let the "surfin" begin! The lodge, donated 12 Thanksgiving baskets, to those less fortunate. The holidays are approaching and the lodge staff wish you and yours the very best. On Dec 10, the social quarters will be closed, for the employees and volunteers Christmas dinner. Don't forget to ring in the New Year with your family and friends at the Hopewell Moose Lodge!!

Fraternally, Brad

Brad Ozmore
1472 PRIDE

A New Moose Experience: Overview 

DetailsWritten by Moose International Senior Reporter
C Published: 16 November 2016 C Last Updated: 16 November 2016  

The New Moose Experience has been conceived to address a dramatic 
sea change in the national workforce and the lives of today’s — and 
tomorrow’s — working families. We have identified an urgent, 
unfulfilled need in the lives of Millennial-led working families (people aged 20 to 36 with young children in the home) that Moose is uniquely qualified to fulfill.

With more than 30 million unconventionally employed as “1099” employees — freelancers, contractors, and independent small-business owners — Millennials dominate today’s shifting work environment. When we add those owning or working in small businesses (companies with two to nine employees), we see that the majority of this 76.4-million-strong generation works in situations never even considered by their elders.

The media portrays Millennials as hip, creative individuals living in major urban centers, untethered by marriage and parenthood. Yet that’s not a realistic picture of the generation: 53% are already married or seriously partnered, and 44% are parents with children in the home. These family-oriented Millennials are increasingly drawn to small and medium-sized metro areas that offer a high quality of life at an affordable cost of living. They desire experiences and services that meet their needs like their urban counterparts do, but they remain under-served in these slower-to-evolve communities.

In 1906, Moose Supreme Organizer James J. Davis identified a similar sea change in the workforce and sought a way to meet the needs of families who were struggling to navigate the new era. Today, Moose International seeks to do so once again as the national economy grows rapidly toward this flexible, entrepreneurial, and on-demand employment — and drastically shifts the composition of domestic life for the entire family in the process.

Designed for the Working Families of Today and Tomorrow

The New Moose Experience is uniquely designed to give working families two things they value most without compromise: (1) time together as a family and (2) a genuine sense of community. To do so, the new concept fully integrates three revenue-generating lines of business that will be packaged, priced, marketed, and operated to be a place of daily habit, trust, delight, fulfillment, and tight-knit community for today’s working families.
•Coworking: Flexible, hospitable work environments to meet the needs of independently and small-business-employed working Millennial parents; the fastest growing and most under-served population in today’s national workforce.
•Flexcare: Flexible, learning-oriented childcare for their kids — designed to accommodate the variable schedules of today’s parents while delivering a high-quality early childhood education experience that instills the values that Moose cares about most: caring for others in need, social responsibility, and community contribution.
•Best-in-class food-and-beverage: An accessible, appealing kitchen/market/cafe that welcomes the community (whether or not they participate in the co-working and childcare offerings) by serving a fresh, delicious, and healthy take on casual Americana cuisine at all parts of day and in all of the ways that modern families — and diners at large — want to eat.

The New Moose Experience will be a place of caring and contribution, positively impacting the surrounding community and supporting Mooseheart. To do so, the three core lines of business will be supplemented with community service activities and learning-oriented programming that engage and enrich the community at-large as well as our everyday community subscribers.
Congratulations to Don Readshaw! Moose of the Year ~ 2016 !!! Don Readshaw has led by example in many capacities throughout his moose history. His dedication and commitment are comparable to none. He has spent decades upholding the Moose principles of giving his time and financial aid for the advancement of not only his community, but his fellow man & child in need. While he may not be much of talker....his lifelong actions and philanthropic nature speak volumes of his compassion for human welfare. 

Hopewell Moose Fall Golf Scramble
The Hopewell Moose Lodge conducted it’s Final Fall Annual Golf Scramble on 12 November at the Prince George Golf Course. This year Butch Morris and Mark Marshall turned in a score with 5 under par to claim bragging rights until next fall. Thanks to Mark and Butch for another great year of Golf at the Lodge. Lets hope Santa gets you some clubs so you can join us next spring. 
Our very own Butch Morris also placed 3rd in the Super Senior Division at the Moose International Golf Tournament in Myrtle Beach in October. Please congratulate him the next time you see him in the Lodge. 
If you wish to participate in the Lodge Golf events, please contact Butch. His contact information is at the back of the newsletter. 

See you at the next golf outing. 

Troy King, Jr. Past Gov.